iClone 7 to CTA 4 . . .

My efforts to reduce the size of my output to a minimal so I can watch on my cell phone is starting to have fruition although it’s not been easy.

Stupid me did the Nvidia update and boy what a mess that has caused me. For a week I put up with the constant crashing in iClone 7. I figured I had overwhelmed the software and now it was letting me know. After trying several attempts at fixing the issue, I gave up and did a Restore to the point before I did the update.

Low and behold that was the problem. I haven’t crashed at all, so I am relieved and I can now continue animating.

One thing I have not liked about CTA is that the characters look so flat and lifeless. So I started playing with rendering everything “animated” on a BLACK background saved as PNGs. I’ve had to reduce the size of these images to 720 x 480 just so I can get them inside CTA 4. I tried 1920 x 1080 and the software baulk and eventually gave up with an odd error “Video codec is not installed, blah, blah, blah.”

Strange thing is that I had been doing several of these animations without a problem until I started with the humans. For some reason, CTA 4 can inhale 720s without a problem, but as soon as I do 1920, I crash in CTA 4. Of course, my 6Gb Nvidia is probably lacking.

A word of warning is to leave the software alone once you import a few hundred images. It can take several hours for it to go through its processing, so be patient and do something else. I’m still working on importing a human as the number is over 300 frames, so I might still have to reduce it or cut it into several different “Props” in order to be able to use it.

Make sure to “add” the Prop to the Prop folder otherwise your Prop might not work.

1211 . . . ds