Storyboard animatic almost ready . . .

My storyboard animatic is almost ready.

I started adding “duplicate” characters within the same scene in order to speed up animation. This allows you to concentrate on just that one motion for that particular character in the scene. By using the “hide” or “unhide” feature, you can simply turn off characters you don’t need.

For example, I used three duplicates in order to stop the “headaches” of having the character jump to some unknown location when I add a BVH file to it. Most of these start in the T-pose and that’s part of the problem since it seems to push the character around if the orientation is not the same as these previous motion file.

As I review the PREVIEW, I’ve decided to render in the default PREVIEW mode to correct mistakes. This really speeds up the process of getting a rough file out quickly so you can see where you errors are and proceed to fix them.

For the time being, I have bailed on using IRay in any scenes at this time due to the complexities that are involved and the tremendous amount of time it takes on a consumer PC.

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