The Bell Dimension animatic has been uploaded to Vimeo and FestHome . . .

I finally succeeded getting the animatic done and it’s about 18:30 mins long. If you go to Vimeo, you can search on “David J Soto” and the latest video should pop-up. You can also comment on this and I hope you will. I entered the Miami Film Festival with determination by Oct. 19th.

Here’s the link:
Note: Hit Pause and then the icon for full screen as I was experiencing a “flickering” when playing directly from the page in Microsoft Edge.

I also finished “Desperately CRAZY for You!” and I was told that I write convincing characters with excellent dialogue. I fix some spelling that the RTF screwed up, but I was successful in uploading this to and a final proof is on it’s way.

I find both Lulu and Blurb to be pains in order to get everything uploaded and formatted correctly that it can cause you to pull your hair out. CreateSpace was so much easier, but Lulu fixed their Preview and it was almost as good as Amazon’s.

I added a Portfolio page to view images I have created while developing this movie.