Wrapping up Part 3 . . .

First of all, “The Bell Dimension Deux” comic is on hold as I finish up with the final part of the movie Preview. Now that it has been completed in a rough form, I’m going through and rendering in iClone’s High Render settings at 4096. Iray rendering is out of the question since it would take eons to render on my tiny 12Gb Nvidia 3060.

The primary goal of completing the 10 minute Preview, which is Part III of the whole movie, is to upload through Film Freeway and enter it into a contest. Hopefully, this will generate some interest and funding so this movie can be made with more help.

One of my biggest problems animating was getting a hand to press a button without too much fan fare. Unfortunately, and one thing I wish iClone would not do, is that it averages the motion blending in and creating unnecessary key frames that has caused me grief. Sure, you can “flatten” the keys, but it is yet another step that need not be there.

A solution I found was to create a Null box that sat just above the hand. I then used the Reach Target feature to attach the hand to the box. It was then easy as pie, almost, to get the hand down when the key was pressed.

Another solution I created was yet another box that I had off stage. I used this as a way of giving sound to a particle, for example, that does not come with Sound. Of course, you have to remember to give the damn thing a name, otherwise you’ll be hunting forever trying to remember where you put that sound.

There is a problem with the PopcornFX blast. The sound is built into the stupid particle. In order to control that sound, I render with and without the sound. I then used ShotCut to extract that audio from the rendered video. It’s a crappy work around so you can control the audio volume which is overly loud and uncontrollable in iClone.

This is a pet peeve of mind and it is only my opinion, so I hope iClone will add a sound option to everything on stage so you can really control what’s going on without having to used another program to make it work. An iClone 8 suggested improvement???

I am also planning on showing this Preview locally here in Tucson. The date is still pending as I finish up.

Total time of film: 50 mins.

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