Comic at Ka-Blam!

I finally was able to go back and re-do the comic. The first two attempts were just too dark to see what was going on. It’s okay in the movie as it adds to the suspense, but not in a comic where clarity is key.

Issue 1, 24 pages, was rendered at 3 frames per second in order to generate more images in the off chance that I would great a better selection, but doing it at 1 frame per second was just as good, and a lot faster.

The iClone 7 Pencil filtered was used on the comic output sent as TIFFs to Ka-Blam! This is just a test to see if the filter is acceptable. If the images are unacceptable, I can trace over those a lot easier than the dark video frames where I couldn’t see what was going on.

The whole movie is completed in so far as a complete run through. I am now reloading those scenes, fixing any issues, and then re-rendering them in the iClone 7 High mode. I have done a few Iray renders, it takes too damn long to wait for it just to do 1 frame.

Once is MP4 looks good, I then turn on the Pencil filter and do a few sample renders. I also accidently added “Depth of Focus” to each camera and saw that the Pencil filter lines were minimized instead of being so prevalent, especially around the out of focus areas, which was a nice surprise.

I still have to build the rest of the comic, but all the images are pretty much there and tell a great story.

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