Mining the Story (mTs)

I have just posted a revision to the book “Mining the Story”. It will no longer be available on Amazon. Please click the mTs on the menu to see that information.

The Bell Dimension, Part I, is being turned into a webtoon. I have Clip Studio and will be working on this conversion. It will be a storyboard of sorts, but with music and talking.

I’ve also started on sculpting movie sets for the next phase of developing Part I using miniture sets I build to augment the 3D characters. The goal is to use it just to flesh out the scenes. I hope to shoot characters on green screen rather than wait for rendering 3D.

I made a floor from a piece of styrofoam and I’m impressed with its capabilities. The head is also a stock form.

© The Bell Dimension styrofoam floor
example by Dave.
© The Bell Dimension sculpted head example by Dave.

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