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My comics have finally arrived, and without the “Pencil” filter, and what an improvement! I will be posting a link to IndyPlanet as soon as the comic is available. I believe the price will be $1.99 per issue and there are nine. That’s about 175 pages of story. All copies from this site will be […]

My comic is should be here any day as I just posted an online synopsis on so you can order through them. There are actually 9 issues as 2 of the issues are broken down into two parts. I tried Shift4S**p to see about having a company that just charges 2.9% for the sales […]

I just received 10 grayscales comic books and they are all way too dark. This is a problem with Lulu as I think they should have notified me that this file looks like shit. But, hey, welcome to the lovely online world of absolutely no human interaction whatsoever. In that vain, I’ve decided to go […]

I finally was able to go back and re-do the comic. The first two attempts were just too dark to see what was going on. It’s okay in the movie as it adds to the suspense, but not in a comic where clarity is key. Issue 1, 24 pages, was rendered at 3 frames per […]

First of all, “The Bell Dimension Deux” comic is on hold as I finish up with the final part of the movie Preview. Now that it has been completed in a rough form, I’m going through and rendering in iClone’s High Render settings at 4096. Iray rendering is out of the question since it would […]

The picture in the previous post was my first attempt at turning my iClone movie into a comic book. Although I was happy with the color print, I was extremely disappointed with the grayscale version as there were too many dark images that made the publication useless. However, I had used different looking characters, this […]

It’s about 5 mins with credits. These characters are inducted into a “training program” that will condition them to become something completely different. Of course, it is a flawed approach, to say the least. To see the latest Preview, go to Vimeo through the TBD menu, or go to YouTube and search for “The Bell […]