Animator & Cartoonist

I finally produced a decent PREVIEW that will be submitted to the animation festivals once a few quirks are worked out. Theses are mostly motion issues with the characters as they are either “canned” or BVH motion files with some manual edits included. Some not so pretty. :o) iClone is a quirky program to say […]

Finally succeeded in generating a good ANIMATIC. Of course it needs fixes, but it is pretty much there. This expands on the first festival submission and it is approximately 12 mins or so. This is under review and will be posted soon if there are no major issues with the edit. 1202 . . . […]

My storyboard animatic is almost ready. I started adding “duplicate” characters within the same scene in order to speed up animation. This allows you to concentrate on just that one motion for that particular character in the scene. By using the “hide” or “unhide” feature, you can simply turn off characters you don’t need. For […]

Here’s a pic of the storyboard I’m working on. Although a iC7 rendered image, it took forever and that wasn’t using IRay. A conundrum if there ever was. At a recent breakfast, my editor said my story needed more clarification. Of course, did I explain it like it was a pitch? No, not really as […]

As I work on my movie, I am liking CTA 4 more and more. Why? One of the advantages of doing 2D animation is that you are no longer concerned with the 3D as much and can concentrate on what needs to be rendered as you compose the scene in CTA 4. After watching a […]