the NEW & Redone mTs!!!

I can’t believe I published the first editon of Mining the Story in 2017 and has it changed significantly. Completely redone with simplicity in mind, I have wittled it down to 10 double-sided pages.

Below are the images in the book @ 72dpi for your information only. Please order the electronic PDF ZIP booklet. A printed booklet will be available at some Tucson bookstores soon. The booklet has blank forms for you to copy to your heart’s content.

Please check it out and see if you think it can be used for your story development.

*REQUIRED: 3 six-sided dice as this concept in story development uses dice to generate completely random results giving you completely unexpected results.

The Bell Dimension Deux free issue!!!

It will be a while before all 9 issues are available on Ka-Blam is notifying everyone to expect an increase in prices for the paper version.

Here’s the first issue as a ZIP file for FREE! Microsoft Store has a Comic Reader to read this file once you unzip it.

Mining the Story (mTs)

I have just posted a revision to the book “Mining the Story”. It will no longer be available on Amazon. Please click the mTs on the menu to see that information.

The Bell Dimension, Part I, is being turned into a webtoon. I have Clip Studio and will be working on this conversion. It will be a storyboard of sorts, but with music and talking.

I’ve also started on sculpting movie sets for the next phase of developing Part I using miniture sets I build to augment the 3D characters. The goal is to use it just to flesh out the scenes. I hope to shoot characters on green screen rather than wait for rendering 3D.

I made a floor from a piece of styrofoam and I’m impressed with its capabilities. The head is also a stock form.

© The Bell Dimension styrofoam floor
example by Dave.
© The Bell Dimension sculpted head example by Dave.

2412 . . . ds

Comics are here and they are STUNNING!

My comics have finally arrived, and without the “Pencil” filter, and what an improvement! I will be posting a link to IndyPlanet as soon as the comic is available. I believe the price will be $1.99 per issue and there are nine. That’s about 175 pages of story.

All copies from this site will be autographed and will cost a bit more.

Here some pictures of the comics:

The Bell Dimension Deux, Issues: 1, 2 Part I & II
The Bell Dimension Deux, Issues: 6 Part I & II, 7
The Bell Dimension Deux, Issues: 5, 6 & 7

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Comics are almost here!

My comic is should be here any day as I just posted an online synopsis on so you can order through them. There are actually 9 issues as 2 of the issues are broken down into two parts.

I tried Shift4S**p to see about having a company that just charges 2.9% for the sales of the item plus $.30 and I thought this was a great way to have a working shop. First day, I was of having problems setting this up, from password is incorrect, when I had just logged in, to the store is unavailable. The tech support was able to fix it and I spent all day yesterday adding my comic and everything looked great when I logged out. Today, when I went to log in, it said the shop was unavailable. I started a chat session, in fact the same guy from yesterday, and he said I’d have to reset password. What? This is B.S. so I bailed on them.

I also incorporated to Cinemachine LLC so I could protect my property rights. I’m doing this as I submitted 2 stories to various Hollywood firms and low and behold, 2 of my items in my story, were grabbed out from under me. The summer before, I attended a mystery writers group in Tucson and the speaker was a lady who sued 2 guys who had “acquired” her story, so she wanted compensation for it. The judge ruled the 2 guys had changed the story enough, that it was no longer hers! What? As an LLC corporation, I can protect what I have written. Period.

Here’s a page from Issue #1:

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Grayscale Comic a complete FLOP!

I just received 10 grayscales comic books and they are all way too dark. This is a problem with Lulu as I think they should have notified me that this file looks like shit. But, hey, welcome to the lovely online world of absolutely no human interaction whatsoever.

In that vain, I’ve decided to go digital so I don’t have to waste my time trying to get it just right when the color version came out beautifully. At $5 each, it’s a learning experience as I haven’t done desktop publishing since I was a wee little kid.

This was an old post from July that I never posted. 1611 . . . ds

Cartoon filter HELL . . . NAS . . . PLEX . . . Dummy Camera Box . . .

Ka-Blam Comic Cover and Scene Layouts

iClone 7 PENCIL FILTER . . .

As I continue re-rendering my movie in High resolution instead of Preview, I thought I would try the “Cartoon filter” in iClone. That was a mistake as I rendered at 1 frame per second. I uploaded those files to Ka-Blam after assembling them into a 24 page comic in Tif format. Most of those inner pages are not acceptable as they block some of the character detail but they are not really that bad. The best page is the cover where I did not apply that filter and I’m very impressed with the detail and just how awesome the cover is. I have already re-rendered all of the comic images again without the filter applied and exported out new Tifs for that issue.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) . . .

I bought a NAS (network area storage) from Amazon. The first one was reduced in price as the paperwork was missing. This was a Western Digital unit with 12Tb of storage. I got up to the part where the install needed an activation code and I had to stop as I did not have that number. That went back to Amazon.

Next, I ordered a 2 bay diskless TERRAMASTER unit. I installed the additional 2Gb of memory, turned it on, went to their website to download the driver and low and behold it is not available anymore. I was stunned as the company was out of business a year earlier, so I wonder why I was sent a piece of crap that is unusable?

I sent it back and decided to take a different route to having a NAS. I even tried installing TruNas on a CHUWI mini-PC, but ran into “disk corruption” issues with brand new drives. It took only one day for the corruption notices to begin. It was up and running for a few days, so I pulled the plug on that attempt. On the TruNas site, a blog mentioned problems with disk corruption.

PLEX . . .

My next attempt worked using a CHUWI mini-pc. I also added two 7Tb Seagate drives that have worked out nicely. The unit runs Win 10 and I installed PLEX with the hope of streaming my animations through this software. It is free and has channels like Pluto TV that you can watch. I was interested in the remote access capabilities, but I’ve had to stop working on that so I can finish my movie and comic before I delve into that arena.

In order to have remote access, you need to reconfigure your router to allow access to port 32400, I believe. As I’m leary of opening up my network to the outside world, I need to use it inside my home, on my phone using their Plex app before I allow any outside streamers inside. There is something about turning off UNP and PNP in order to clamp down on users trying to hack your network.


The “Look at” feature in iClone 7 is okay, but I don’t like the way it nails you to a specific part of the body where you can not move the camera ever so slightly. In order to work around this issue, I added a Dummy box that I leave “visible” as I have the camera look at that instead. It’s not a perfect solution, but gives you flexibility when aiming the camera just where you want it. I only make it a true Dummy after I’m done with Camera shots.

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