First of all, “The Bell Dimension Deux” comic is on hold as I finish up with the final part of the movie Preview. Now that it has been completed in a rough form, I’m going through and rendering in iClone’s High Render settings at 4096. Iray rendering is out of the question since it would […]

The picture in the previous post was my first attempt at turning my iClone movie into a comic book. Although I was happy with the color print, I was extremely disappointed with the grayscale version as there were too many dark images that made the publication useless. However, I had used different looking characters, this […]

It’s about 5 mins with credits. These characters are inducted into a “training program” that will condition them to become something completely different. Of course, it is a flawed approach, to say the least. To see the latest Preview, go to Vimeo through the TBD menu, or go to YouTube and search for “The Bell […]

Although not perfect, this begins the story and illustrates what you can do with 2D rendered IRay backgrounds (1000/3600). I love the LIVE FACE, but it was only applied to the Kerr character and not the slave. Once I have create a new PREVIEW, I will re-render in IRay and hopefully that will run more […]

 So I broke down and bought the Head Shot plugin for iClone 7 as it is on sale for half price. Of course, I should have realized there will be “additional” costs for the capability to customize the skin’s appearance, but I did not think they would throw in the basic skin setup so you […]

I’ve posted 4 PREVIEWS on Vimeo that show the progress made in creating “The Bell Dimension”. Of course, creating these “mini” movies started several years ago as I was learning how to use iClone 2 and let me tell you I do not know how many times I crashed my PC and the only saving […]

I decided to dabble in using live-action video, i.e, me, in combination with iClone 7 and PopVideo. I had bought a green screen kit from B&H long ago and I tried it on a studio shoot, but the lighting was too dim to get a clean chroma key. I tried this in Resolve and it […]