Finally succeeded in generating a good ANIMATIC. Of course it needs fixes, but it is pretty much there. This expands on the first festival submission and it is approximately 12 mins or so.

This is under review and will be posted soon if there are no major issues with the edit.

1202 . . . ds

My storyboard animatic is almost ready.

I started adding “duplicate” characters within the same scene in order to speed up animation. This allows you to concentrate on just that one motion for that particular character in the scene. By using the “hide” or “unhide” feature, you can simply turn off characters you don’t need.

For example, I used three duplicates in order to stop the “headaches” of having the character jump to some unknown location when I add a BVH file to it. Most of these start in the T-pose and that’s part of the problem since it seems to push the character around if the orientation is not the same as these previous motion file.

As I review the PREVIEW, I’ve decided to render in the default PREVIEW mode to correct mistakes. This really speeds up the process of getting a rough file out quickly so you can see where you errors are and proceed to fix them.

For the time being, I have bailed on using IRay in any scenes at this time due to the complexities that are involved and the tremendous amount of time it takes on a consumer PC.

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Here’s a pic of the storyboard I’m working on. Although a iC7 rendered image, it took forever and that wasn’t using IRay. A conundrum if there ever was.

At a recent breakfast, my editor said my story needed more clarification. Of course, did I explain it like it was a pitch? No, not really as it was just to see if I was going in the right direction. At this point, it is becoming necessary to render just the main “beats” of the story.

I have stickies taped to my monitor that lays out the story in just it’s bare essentials and that has helped me keep focus. As my story is further refined, based on my book “The Bell Dimension”, it has veered to a different course than what I had thought of at first.

Yes, it is a very complicated story, but in order to get this uploaded to a festival, it has to be simple and powerful. Hopefully I will achieve this as I work away. It was good to hear from a fellow colleague that my first preview was good, but not good enough yet, but showed promise.

The Bell Dimension Copyright David J Soto FRAN HOLDING ALIEN BABY MARY png UPLOAD
The Bell Dimension Copyright David J Soto FRAN HOLDING ALIEN BABY MARY png UPLOAD

As I work on my movie, I am liking CTA 4 more and more. Why?

One of the advantages of doing 2D animation is that you are no longer concerned with the 3D as much and can concentrate on what needs to be rendered as you compose the scene in CTA 4.

After watching a few YouTube videos on creating 3D scenes efficiently as possible, I realized that part of my problem was trying to create scenes that are probably overly complicated. Although I have a 6Gb Nvidia card, my system chugs at times as I wait for iClone 7 to catch up.

This scene in the picture is 3.2Gb in iClone 7 and only 1.7Mb in CTA 4 and this is where the real power is. No longer do I render the whole animations in iClone, but I render out each piece, i.e., character, as PoPVideos that I import into CTA 4 as a Prop.

I’ve had several issues with the background of the imported popV file not being transparent when imported into CTA 4. So in order to render out the popV, hide everything except for a character, for example. Create the Prop in CTA 4 and it will import the animation without a problem. You might want to add something behind the import to make sure it is transparent. Why? So you don’t waste time if you can’t see through the import.

As you build the 2D animation from 3D rendered animations, you will be layering them so when you render the final animation in CTA 4, it will look great and it will be done relatively quick and you be able to make faster edits than doing it in 3D.

Of course, the only drawback is that you have to re-load a 3D scene to render out a PopVideo that wasn’t transparent, for example.

I have seen significant gains as I concentrate on the movie instead of waiting for the 3D to render a scene I might not like.

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The Bell Dimension (c) David J Soto CTA 4 Stage PNG
The Bell Dimension (c) David J Soto CTA 4 Stage PNG