It’s about 5 mins with credits.

These characters are prisoners who are being “conditioned” to be Time Golems and their minds must be empty in order for this “training program” to work. It is, of course, a flawed approach.

To see the latest Preview, go to menu and click on tBd and this will take you to Vimeo where you can watch previous previews as well.

I am getting good reviews of this Preview, but now that is done, the movie production can continue!

Here’s a picture of my comic book:

This is a character I call Kerr.

Tada! …d

The new comic is called “The Bell Dimension Deux” and should be available to buy or download shortly. It’s about 77 pages and it will cost $9.99 for a paperback/download. Stay tune . . .

All of the images used in this book were created in Reallusion’s iClone 6 & 7. This originally started out as a way of visually telling a story with images rather than just animation. I used free Manga templates to layout each page using only 8 different looks, some of which I modified.

As I worked along using my first book, The Bell Dimension, Part I, as a very rough guide for Part II, I soon discovered a logical layout for each page without worrying about special effects I might apply in Krita. I did go that route in the 2nd iteration spending way too much time creating PSDs and then KRITA files where I applied a “graphic novel” effect to the page. That slowed me to a crawl and I soon abandoned that practice.

Once I concentrated on producing good images, I had to tell the story with not just images, but narration text from one of my reviewers suggested. It then took me about a month to create all of the still images for the storyboard turned comic book without bothering to use Krita.

Total file size is 21.6Gb and the PDF of the book is around 61Mb.

The Bell Dimension Deux Copyright © 2021 DAVID J SOTO FRONT COVER HALF PNG
The Bell Dimension Deux Copyright © 2021 DAVID J SOTO FRONT COVER HALF PNG

I’ve had to change course, for a bit, as I work to finish the storyboard I’m turning into a comic / reference book. This will help keep my focus on doing scenes that only need to be done. I’ve probably created too many scenes, but the structure I’m using will allow me to add or subtract those scenes that just don’t work.

Here’s one page from that storyboard / comic:

Copyright © 2021 The Bell Dimension by David J Soto All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2021 The Bell Dimension by David J Soto All rights reserved.

. . . ds 0503

I have finally achieved what I was trying to do with Unreal Engine 4. It took a little while to get use to how this game engine works. Through many trials and errors, I have finally rendered out a low end scene of Minister Bes standing near the outside thrown chair.  The shadows, trees, and burning fire looks fab!

0202 . . . d

Although not perfect, this begins the story and illustrates what you can do with 2D rendered IRay backgrounds (1000/3600).

I love the LIVE FACE, but it was only applied to the Kerr character and not the slave.

Once I have create a new PREVIEW, I will re-render in IRay and hopefully that will run more efficiently using 2D backgrounds only. Of course, this has required me to re-work scenes in order to accommodate the change over.

Some clothing created by Marvelous Designer 10.

The Bell Dimension Copyright DAVID J SOTO All rights reserved MP4 on Vimeo

1701 . . . ds


The Bell Dimension Copyright DAVID J SOTO All Rights Reserved. KERR Alistair Cheap Punk 100-360 fr 135 PNG
The Bell Dimension Copyright DAVID J SOTO All Rights Reserved.

I recently bought the $229 SkinGen plugin for iClone 7 and I am honestly blown away. The quality of the iRay render literally flew through the frames, faster than ever before, but I digress.

The video link, after being processed through ShotCut, dropped down from 23.2 Mb to 5.1Mb, at 1920 x 1080 with voice over and soundtrack. It is only just a PREVIEW as the settings for iRay were 100/360, instead of 1000/3600. The quality of the output is very good considering the quality level was not lowered and left at 8. The background is a 2D plane of a desert render I did ages ago. I also started with the default Sun and Sky for iRay and then added the 2D background. I added no other lights, nor did I move anything but I did add a camera.

Concerning the SSD implementation, I went through the suggestion provided by a Reallusion tutorial. I believe I accidently tried doing this step, but I did not see system throughput gains until I changed course. When I inserted a 32Gb SSD into my PC, which is perfect for the system (see pic). I did a reformat as it came from a GoPro and selected the “ReadyBoost” option which shows just a bit more added than recommended.

I did a reboot and started processing the first character as shown in the video. Once I applied motion and a voice over I did, I started the iRay render and it was done in 3 hours or so. Amazing! I also did a 4K of the character and I’ve only just started!

Too awesome for words!
2307 . . . d

The pain of trying to sell online with no money is quite a pain, but doable!

I had just finished creating my store only to see Squareup/Weebly do an upgrade which moved my web site to another location. On top of that, my electronic download products of a Cartoon Animator 4 character got zapped and changed into an image only. What?

So I am bailing on Squareup since they got rid of this feature, which in this day, should be an option. I didn’t even get an email about the change, so they suck in this regard.

I did find another site, called PayHip which easily integrates with PayPal, and low and behold I was able to create the electronic download and upload the PDF. It’s now available for just $1.99! Of course, a minor drawback is the 5% charge for their services. I didn’t even have to set up tax, unlike Squareup, so that has made my life easier already.

The story is “Desperately CRAZY for You!” by Ivana C. Moore, a software writer like myself.


I’ll be adding other electronic downloads soon!

0207 . . . d