It’s about 5 mins with credits. These characters are inducted into a “training program” that will condition them to become something completely different. Of course, it is a flawed approach, to say the least. To see the latest Preview, go to Vimeo through the TBD menu, or go to YouTube and search for “The Bell […]

I’ve had to change course, for a bit, as I work to finish the storyboard I’m turning into a comic / reference book. This will help keep my focus on doing scenes that only need to be done. I’ve probably created too many scenes, but the structure I’m using will allow me to add or […]

My storyboard animatic is almost ready. I started adding “duplicate” characters within the same scene in order to speed up animation. This allows you to concentrate on just that one motion for that particular character in the scene. By using the “hide” or “unhide” feature, you can simply turn off characters you don’t need. For […]

Here’s a pic of the storyboard I’m working on. Although a iC7 rendered image, it took forever and that wasn’t using IRay. A conundrum if there ever was. At a recent breakfast, my editor said my story needed more clarification. Of course, did I explain it like it was a pitch? No, not really as […]