A CTA 4 2Mb video w lip sync . . . What?

Here’s a much smaller sample from iClone 7 to CTA 4 video. iClone Project size is 153Mb while CTA 4 Project size is 2.85Mb. CTA 4 MP4 was run through ShotCut generating a tiny 2Mb MP4 with lip sync. That’s astounding! The voice over track was not edited prior to being used in this demonstration.Continue reading “A CTA 4 2Mb video w lip sync . . . What?”

Incredibly easy Lip Sync in CTA 4!

I was just messing about with CTA 4 to create a morph-based character from an image. The pins on the first attempt did not control the movement as much as I want it to and, in fact, made it look stupid, frankly. Three Bones were created for the image: chest, neck and head, but theyContinue reading “Incredibly easy Lip Sync in CTA 4!”