“Desperately CRAZY for You!” . . . sample

This story used “Mining the Story” book to setup the story’s layout. PDF form-fillable documents coming soon and make it easy to record the story elements. This sample is rated R for adult content. Click the link to read in your browser. Enjoy! Send feedback to beeflowerpower@gmail.com Thanks! BUY PDF 107 pgs: https://payhip.com/beeflowerpower 0507 .Continue reading ““Desperately CRAZY for You!” . . . sample”

Fixed “Mining the Story” Store link . . .

The pain of trying to sell online with no money is quite a pain, but doable! I had just finished creating my store only to see Squareup/Weebly do an upgrade which moved my web site to another location. On top of that, my electronic download products of a Cartoon Animator 4 character got zapped andContinue reading “Fixed “Mining the Story” Store link . . .”

iClone Head Shot . . .

 So I broke down and bought the Head Shot plugin for iClone 7 as it is on sale for half price. Of course, I should have realized there will be “additional” costs for the capability to customize the skin’s appearance, but I did not think they would throw in the basic skin setup so youContinue reading “iClone Head Shot . . .”

Site renewed as videos moving to Vimeo . . .

Here’s an IRay pic rendered at 100/180 as I work at reducing the scene load to speed up renders. This scene is a paltry 97Mb and consists of 2 planes, i.e., sky and temple with 5 royal tents that are 3D with physics applied. It also includes the desert sand floor. 2103 . . .Continue reading “Site renewed as videos moving to Vimeo . . .”

PREVIEW is ready!

I finally produced a decent PREVIEW that will be submitted to the animation festivals once a few quirks are worked out. Theses are mostly motion issues with the characters as they are either “canned” or BVH motion files with some manual edits included. Some not so pretty. :o) iClone is a quirky program to sayContinue reading “PREVIEW is ready!”

ANIMATIC is done . . .

Finally succeeded in generating a good ANIMATIC. Of course it needs fixes, but it is pretty much there. This expands on the first festival submission and it is approximately 12 mins or so. This is under review and will be posted soon if there are no major issues with the edit. 1202 . . .Continue reading “ANIMATIC is done . . .”