The Bell Dimension Deux free issue!!!

It will be a while before all 9 issues are available on Ka-Blam is notifying everyone to expect an increase in prices for the paper version. Here’s the first issue as a ZIP file for FREE! Microsoft Store has a Comic Reader to read this file once you unzip it.

Mining the Story (mTs)

I have just posted a revision to the book “Mining the Story”. It will no longer be available on Amazon. Please click the mTs on the menu to see that information. The Bell Dimension, Part I, is being turned into a webtoon. I have Clip Studio and will be working on this conversion. It willContinue reading “Mining the Story (mTs)”

Comics are here and they are STUNNING!

My comics have finally arrived, and without the “Pencil” filter, and what an improvement! I will be posting a link to IndyPlanet as soon as the comic is available. I believe the price will be $1.99 per issue and there are nine. That’s about 175 pages of story. All copies from this site will beContinue reading “Comics are here and they are STUNNING!”

Cartoon filter HELL . . . NAS . . . PLEX . . . Dummy Camera Box . . .

iClone 7 PENCIL FILTER . . . As I continue re-rendering my movie in High resolution instead of Preview, I thought I would try the “Cartoon filter” in iClone. That was a mistake as I rendered at 1 frame per second. I uploaded those files to Ka-Blam after assembling them into a 24 page comicContinue reading “Cartoon filter HELL . . . NAS . . . PLEX . . . Dummy Camera Box . . .”

Wrapping up Part 3 . . .

First of all, “The Bell Dimension Deux” comic is on hold as I finish up with the final part of the movie Preview. Now that it has been completed in a rough form, I’m going through and rendering in iClone’s High Render settings at 4096. Iray rendering is out of the question since it wouldContinue reading “Wrapping up Part 3 . . .”

iClone 7 to Unreal Engine 4 . . .

I have finally achieved what I was trying to do with Unreal Engine 4. It took a little while to get use to how this game engine works. Through many trials and errors, I have finally rendered out a low end scene of Minister Bes standing near the outside thrown chair.  The shadows, trees, andContinue reading “iClone 7 to Unreal Engine 4 . . .”

“Desperately CRAZY for You!” . . . sample

This story used “Mining the Story” book to setup the story’s layout. PDF form-fillable documents coming soon and make it easy to record the story elements. This sample is rated R for adult content. Click the link to read in your browser. Enjoy! Send feedback to Thanks! BUY PDF 107 pgs: 0507 .Continue reading ““Desperately CRAZY for You!” . . . sample”

Fixed “Mining the Story” Store link . . .

The pain of trying to sell online with no money is quite a pain, but doable! I had just finished creating my store only to see Squareup/Weebly do an upgrade which moved my web site to another location. On top of that, my electronic download products of a Cartoon Animator 4 character got zapped andContinue reading “Fixed “Mining the Story” Store link . . .”

iClone Head Shot . . .

 So I broke down and bought the Head Shot plugin for iClone 7 as it is on sale for half price. Of course, I should have realized there will be “additional” costs for the capability to customize the skin’s appearance, but I did not think they would throw in the basic skin setup so youContinue reading “iClone Head Shot . . .”